Wednesday, February 17, 2016


THE AURORA PROTOTYPE. A Small Residential Urban Infill Project  
Program Requirements.  Meet existing Zoning Requirements.  Incorporate Incremental Design with Micro-Rental Unit and Live/Work Space Potential. Utilize a Contextual Aesthetic. Phasing as itemized below.

The Project will be phased/sized  as follows

  1. 750 SF Studio with 2 Car Garage
  2. 1500 SF 1 Bedroom Apartment Home with unfinished Attic and Basement.  Carriage House Studio converted to Home Office
  3. 3000 SF 3 Bedroom Home with Carriage House Home Office.
  4. 1500 SF 1 Bedroom Apartment Home.  1100 SF 1 Bedroom Rental, 350 SF Studio Rental and 750 SF Rental.

All Dwellings have separate entrances. Additional Progress posts to follow.

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